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Today I found as a nice surprise a Design Pop-Up store in the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam. On the outside you just follow the signs and arrows with neon pink tape. The shop is on the left hand side of the Beurs. The shop is called DUTCH DESIGN YEAR and they offer design, especially by young designers, vintage, jewelry, funiture, lamps, textiles, plaids etc. They also have a website and webshop. The shop is situated in the Smalle Haven in Eindhoven, but they opened this Pop-Up store yesterday in Amsterdam. They told me they will open a permanent shop in Amsterdam/Zaandam at the end of this year. I bought some nice presents there, for myself or for somebody else…? I still have to decide.

I loved the paper, foldable vase, by Pepe Heykoop in cooperation with Tiny Miracles, with kind of facets. It is actually more of a vase cover, because you can fold it around a bottle with flowers. With the QR code on the package you can see an instruction video on how to fold the vase. They are available in black, green and white. I also enjoyed the beautiful cotton teatowels by N. Sybrandi, with almost photographice images in jacquard of a flower in shades of grey. Also the back side is stunning. Would be wonderful to frame them. And I bought the wax candle/candle holder called “Tallow”. On the package it says: “Some products always need each other. They belong together like a hammer and a nail, bed and blanket and cup and saucer. By melting them together in one material, their relationship is clear. All tallow. Handmade in the Netherlands by You can see these products on my website.


Pepe HeykoopP1300803P1300838 kleiner

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